Pugh’s Old Mill

Well, we are all settled in! For now at least….. Our beds are made, the desks are in working order, both recliners are set, Charlie is loving his new backyard and – Thank the Lord – there is food in the house!!

Sounds fabulous right? Hmmm, then what’s wrong with this heart of mine?? It may need a wee bit of time to catch up with all the wonderful happenings on this journey, so in the meantime, let me share with you a fun little outing I took!

On Wednesday, after some coffee at Mylo’s (my new FAVorite coffee hangout) with the fam, I decided to get out and shake off the blues and see what I could see. First stop…. Pugh’s Old Mill!!!

Though I’ve been before and even did a photo shoot there once, this time seemed even more beautiful and romantic than my first visit.

The Old Mill was built in 1933, but was designed to look like the period of the filming of Gone with the Wind. It is said to be the only set piece from the movie still standing.

So I hope you enjoy these images, and if you decide to come out for a visit, just know, this will be one of the first stops we make. You’ll love it!

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